Are you a homeowner leaving for vacation or extended time away from home? You can securely submit an online House Check Request form to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office to put your address on a list for Extra Patrols. Deputies will make checks of your home on all three shifts, walk around the home, pull into the driveway, etc.

You can also pick up the House Check Request form in person at the Supervisor's Office counter or at the OCSO Substation, both located at the Springfield Township Civic Center: 12000 Davisburg Rd, Davisburg 48350

Questions? Contact the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office either directly at the Springfield Township Substation, 248-625-8531, or via the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office website.

house check form

Seasonal Fraud Scams

Seasonal and normal fraud scams are on the rise. Examples include: Child/Grandchild are in jail and need bond, Open Warrants, missed jury duty, etc. Please remember that Law Enforcement will never ask for money at your home. Law Enforcement will never ask for iTunes gift cards, Green Dot cards, or any type of store gift card for payments. If you have doubts about the validity of a phone call, contact the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.