Township Supervisor Laura Moreau
Township Supervisor - Laura Moreau

The Township Supervisor coordinates the administration of Township government. The Supervisor chairs all Township Board meetings, is the Township’s agent for all legal business and sees that all laws and Township Code of Ordinance provisions are enforced. He/she is the Chief Personnel Director of all non-elected employees, is the Chief Assessing Officer, head of the Planning and Building Departments and oversees the website and Township cable channel. The Supervisor prepares and administers the annual budget and is in charge of the construction, repair and maintenance of all Township buildings and properties.

Supervisor: Laura Moreau
Springfield Township Civic Center
12000 Davisburg Road
Davisburg, MI 48350
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday   8:30am - 4:30pm
Phone: (248) 846-6502
Fax: (248) 846-6548