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Township Supervisor Laura Moreau
Laura Moreau, Supervisor 
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May 9, 2022 

Garden Club Puts the SPRING in Springfield

Daffodils planted by the Garden Club by the wood fence along the Civic Center entrance drive  Daffodils planted by the Garden Club in front of the Civic Center lower level entrance  Daffodils planted by the Garden Club around the Township entrance sign at Dixie Highway and I75

Since the Springfield Garden Club launched their daffodil project in 2019, springtime in Springfield has meant thousands of beautiful yellow blooms throughout the township.

The club was inspired by Daffodils4Detroit, a city beautification effort of the Michigan Division of Women’s Farm and Garden Association. The project has expanded to other communities and over 2,000,000 bulbs have been planted so far.

Our Springfield Garden Club set a goal to plant one bulb for each resident—that’s nearly 15,000 daffodils! After three seasons of planting, there are over 6,000 currently in bloom at the Civic Center, fire stations, cemeteries, parks, and Township entrance sign. Thousands more will be planted this fall.

Thank you, Garden Club for this beautiful community project that will welcome spring for years to come!

Cathy Forst Honored for 43 Years of Service as Library Director

Cathy Forst with founding Library Board members Ruth Gruber  and Kristy Bower at the entrance to the new library in 2002

Please join the library staff in celebrating Cathy Forst’s 43 years of service.

In April, Springfield Township Library Director Cathy Forst celebrated 43 years of service to our community as the library director. Cathy earned her undergraduate degree from Oakland University and then her Master of Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan while raising a family and continuing to grow the library as a mainstay of the community.
Cathy began her library career in the one room schoolhouse property which had a single desk that also served as a staff lunch table. She was passionate about expanding the library for the community and was instrumental in advocating for a larger space with updated resources. Cathy’s efforts resulted in the beautiful building we have today as well as the millages that continue to fund the library.
As director, Cathy continues to expand what is available to all patrons including access to materials statewide and a continuously growing selection of digital items. In 1979 book checkouts were estimated at 100 books per month and under Cathy’s direction this has swelled to checkouts of 13,660 items in March of 2022. Cathy has fostered a love of reading in this community and encourages all library patrons to embrace the discovery of everything the library has to offer.
We look forward to Cathy’s continued contributions to the community in the years to come.

Thank you, Cathy for founding and growing Springfield’s amazing library! Our community is grateful to you for your vision and decades of dedicated service.

Springfield’s Habitat Critical to Recovery of Endangered Butterfly

poweshiek skipperling butterfly sitting on flower

Springfield Township's unique ecosystems provide habitat to a wide variety of wildlife, including several extremely rare species. One of those is the Poweshiek Skipperling, a tiny butterfly which is listed as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.

The high-quality prairie habitats which the Poweshiek Skipperling depends on for survival exist in Springfield Township and almost nowhere else on earth! Springfield’s Natural Resources Manager Mike Losey is working along with other organizations in the United States and Canada to help recover populations of this special butterfly.  Toward those efforts, the Township has  been managing critical habitats by removing invasive plant species and enhancing conditions so the native plants the Poweshiek relies on will thrive.

Recently, the Fish and Wildlife Service convened a group of species experts, conservation groups, and government entities to collaboratively draft a species recovery plan that will help achieve goals and actions to de-list the species in coming years.  Implementing this plan will result in improving existing habitat, protecting additional land, and other conservation actions for the benefit of this species.  These actions will improve the long-term survival of numerous other common and uncommon plant and wildlife species as well.

To learn more about the species recovery plan, see this article in Bridge Michigan. Or experience Springfield’s beautiful and rare natural resources in-person with Mike Losey on an upcoming GUIDED FIELD TOUR!

Group photo of wildflower hike attendees

April 25, 2022

UPDATE – Fire Department Transition to Advanced Life Support services

Fire Department personnel in front of a rescue vehicleAt the April 14 Township Board meeting, Fire Chief Feichtner and members of the Board conducted an in-depth analysis of the trial ALS phase and reviewed projections for increased personnel expenses and potential transport revenue. The goal with the phased transition to ALS was to have five months of data to help the Board determine what additional funding will be needed to support ALS long term. After exploring personnel costs of various coverage models, reviewing data on response and mutual aid, researching pay and benefits offered by area departments, and monitoring transport revenue, the Board determined that a dedicated millage of 0.75 mill is needed to provide Advanced Life Support services by our Fire Department.

The Township Board approved submitting a proposition to our electors at the August 2 primary election for an additional ALS millage of 0.75 mill for a period of ten years (2022 through 2031). Township staff and Fire Department personnel will be developing fact sheets, recorded presentations, and other communications for residents in the coming weeks. Please watch for more information.

Dollar General Coming to North End of Dixie Corridor

dollar general construction rendering

Construction is underway on a new 9,100 square foot Dollar General. The retail store will be directly north of Four Seasons Inn, across Dixie Highway from the Springrove community.

During site plan review, the Dollar General team worked with the Township to incorporate building materials, colors, and trim accents that will be complementary to the character of the area and meet the architectural standards of our zoning ordinance. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of July.

March 14, 2022

Civic Center Turns 20 Years This Month!

Civic Center when newly constructed
On March 19, 2002, the Township Offices, Library, and Parks & Recreation moved into their new home at 12000 Davisburg Road.

20 years later the Civic Center is paid off and ready to serve our community for decades to come. We’re fortunate that those involved in the initial design had the foresight to plan for growth and anticipate the changing needs and uses of the building. The open-concept layout and shared spaces are an efficient use of the building and further provide flexibility to reconfigure and expand departments as needed. Most recently, the Building Department was relocated to the previous Assessing area and we’re working on plans to build out a new Sheriff’s Substation in the former Building Department space.

The community owes our gratitude for the efforts of past and current Board members including Collin Walls, Dave Hopper, Denny Vallad, Nancy Strole, and Jamie Dubre for their thoughtful budget planning and bond management.

A tremendous THANK YOU to the Friends of the Library, supporters of our Parks & Recreation, and the many citizens of Springfield who worked hard to pass the bond proposal. Clearly our residents saw the need for the Civic Center and recognized the value and fiscal responsibility of developing a shared building.

Lastly, thanks to Mike Forst, Jerry David, and all the facilities staff who have done an exceptional job maintaining the Civic Center over the years. It’s remarkable how many times we hear from visitors that the building looks brand new.

To celebrate the 20 year milestone, join the festivities at the Springfield Township Library during the week of March 21-26. There will be several displays, activities for children, and a chance to sign a birthday card for the building. Click here for more info.

Building Department Improved Service & Expanded Hours

New Building Department staff Bill Dinnan and Brian Piper
At their January meeting, the Township Board determined to transition the Building Department from a contracted operation to a Township-managed and staffed service. As of Monday, February 14, the Building Department was up and running with Township staff in the new location within the main offices.

Our Building Official, Bill Dinnan manages the department, and conducts building inspections and plan review. The daily operations are administered by the Building Department Clerk, Brian Piper. The Township also contracts with other building professionals for plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspections.

The Building Department is now available to serve residents during expanded hours. Previously the department had reduced hours Monday to Thursday and was closed on Friday. The Department is now open for business during the same hours as other Township Offices, Monday—Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Holly Schools Bond Proposal

Holly School District Bond Proposal
For those residing within the Holly Area School District, there will be an election on May 3 to vote on a bond proposal.

If approved, this bond proposal would provide $97,000,000 for district-wide improvements including developing a new middle school at the Karl Richter Campus, upgrading instructional technology, installing new STEM furnishings, creating a career lab, and building a new construction trades center at the High School.

Facilities for arts and athletics also are planned for improvements including modernizing the theater, creating a marching band practice field, expanding the tennis complex, and constructing a new turf athletic field and track surface.

According to the district website, this bond proposal would not increase the current tax rate and was developed and prioritized as Phase 2 of the Master Plan for district facilities. For more information see this fact sheet and the Building Graphics of Project Improvements, or visit the Holly Schools bond webpage.

January 31, 2022                                                                                      

Springfield Township Fire Department Now Providing Advanced Life Support Services

Fire trucks and ambulance in front of Springfield Township Fire Department Station 2
The Springfield Township Fire Department has started the fourth month of a “trial phase” transition to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. Previously Springfield relied entirely on a private ambulance company and aid from surrounding departments for access to advanced emergency medical care and transport services in our community.

For many years the Township Board and Fire Chief have been monitoring call volume and response times and planning internally for an eventual transition to ALS. Recently a greater demand for emergency medical care combined with increased response times from the private provider indicate it is time for our Fire Department to provide this critical service for our residents.  

The transition to full ALS will be done in phases. This first trial phase allows the department to begin improving service and response time without significantly changing our coverage model. It also provides five months to monitor expenses and transport revenue potential so that the Board can determine what additional funding will be needed to support ALS long term. Watch for more updates in the coming months.

Major Step Toward Future Viability of Downtown Davisburg

downtown davisburg  
After nearly two years, construction is complete on the Davisburg Community Septic System (DCSS) in downtown Davisburg. While the system was initially constructed to service one private business in town, the sewer pipe was designed to support future connections from other buildings on the south side of Broadway.  The septic field also is engineered to be expanded.

At their January meeting, the Township Board approved using American Recovery Plan Act funds to reimburse the developer of the DCSS for his costs to construct the system. By effectively taking ownership of most of the DCSS facilities, the Board aims to simplify connections and future expansion of the field, make it easier and more affordable for others to join the system, and help protect public health and the environment. Before others can connect, the Board will need to complete a permitting process with the State, secure a maintenance contract, amend the ordinance, determine remaining capacity of the field, and establish connection, usage, and inspection fees. There is a tremendous amount of work yet to be done, but this is a major step for the future viability and economic growth of the town.

Click here to watch the Board’s discussion at the January meeting. Select Davisburg Community Sewer System in the Index Points or advance to 1:03 in the video.

New Construction at Kroger Development Outlot

Rendering of new commercial retail building in front outlet of Kroger complex

The site of the old Kroger fuel received site plan approval for a three unit building in 2019. That project is finally underway. There will be a Dunkin Donuts at the drive-through unit but the Township has no word yet on additional tenants.

This project was reviewed subject to the Dixie Highway Design Guidelines and will be the first development on the north end of the district to incorporate the streetscape standards and other design elements.

Feldman Dealership Expanding to Add Stand-Alone Jeep Store

feldman jeep dealership rendering
Construction is progressing on Feldman Jeep located across Dixie from the main dealership, just north of General RV. The building was initially proposed to fit the standard corporate branding, but the Feldman team worked with the Township to adjust their design consistent with the Design Guidelines. The plan review process resulted in a design that will compliment Springfield’s character and enhance the Dixie corridor

Woodland Airstream is Coming to Springfield

Woodland Airstream site rendering
This luxury RV dealership will be located on Dixie Hwy, between Frosty Freeze and Premium Truck & Auto Body. The Township Board concurred with the Planning Commission recommendation and granted Final Site Plan and Special Land Use approval at the December 9 Board Meeting. The project is now in Final Engineering Review.

This development entails 16 acres with a 24,000 sq. ft. building with a showroom, parts and accessories retail store, service intake area, and RV repair center. The landscaping will enhance the corridor with 65% of the site being landscape or open space. The project was approved consistent with the Dixie Highway Design Guidelines and will include a pedestrian walkway, fencing detail, decorative lighting, and a community gathering space.

For a complete overview of the project, click here to watch the Board Meeting video. Select Woodland Airstream in the Index Points or advance to 2:15.