due to excessively dry conditions, a ban on open burning in springfield township is in effect until further notice

The Springfield Township Fire Department was established in 1947. The idea of having a fire department in Springfield Township. was brought about by Charles Hillman because of 3 fires in the mid 1940's. Charles went to the township board and received approval at the April board meeting to start a fire department. The newly formed department started with Fire Chief Charles Hillman, 15 charter members and a 1948 two-ton Chevy truck chassis customized with high pressure and 430 gallons of water from the John Bean Co. in Lansing. You can view historical Fire Department photos here.

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Today at STFD

Today the Springfield Township Fire Department has three stations and 16 apparatus covering 36 square miles and responds to fire and medical/rescue calls.  Springfield Township Fire Department consists of the following fulltime personnel:

  • 1 fulltime Fire Chief
  • 2 fulltime Firefighter/EMT
  • 1 fulltime Firefighter/EMT/Hazmat Technician
  • 1 Part-time Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (grant funded)
STFD has 46 paid on-call firefighting/EMS personnel, including full time staff. This personnel includes 10 Paramedics, 32 Emergency Medical Technicians, 2 Medical First Responders, and one Firefighter/EMT that is a Hazardous Materials Technician. We have 4 fire only and 3 EMS only members. There is currently 2 firefighter recruits in training. There are currently two firefighter recruits in training.

STFD has been operating as a Basic Life Support, non-transporting department.  However, the department is currently undergoing a "trial phase" transition to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. More information about the transition process can be found here.

Springfield Township Fire Department is part of the Oakland County Hazardous Materials Response Team and is trained for terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction.


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