The Springfield Township Fire Department was established in 1947. The idea of having a fire department in Springfield Township. was brought about by Charles Hillman because of 3 fires in the mid 1940's. Charles went to the township board and received approval at the April board meeting to start a fire department. The newly formed department started with Fire Chief Charles Hillman, 15 charter members and a 1948 two-ton Chevy truck chassis customized with high pressure and 430 gallons of water from the John Bean Co. in Lansing. You can view historical Fire Department photos here.

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Today at STFD

Today the Springfield Township Fire Department has three stations and 16 apparatus covering 36 square miles and responds to fire and medical/rescue calls.  Springfield Township Fire Department consists of the following fulltime personnel:

  • 1 fulltime Fire Chief
  • 2 fulltime Firefighter/EMT
  • 1 fulltime Firefighter/EMT/Hazmat Technician
  • 1 Part-time Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (grant funded)
STFD has 46 paid on-call firefighting/EMS personnel, including full time staff. This personnel includes 10 Paramedics, 32 Emergency Medical Technicians, 2 Medical First Responders, and one Firefighter/EMT that is a Hazardous Materials Technician. We have 4 fire only and 3 EMS only members. There is currently 2 firefighter recruits in training. There are currently two firefighter recruits in training.

We are a Basic Life Support, non-transporting department.  Springfield Township Fire Department is part of the Oakland County Hazardous Materials Response Team and is trained for terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction.


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