Frequently Requested Phone Numbers:

American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) (248) 634-2976
Andersonville Elementary (248) 623-5200
Brandon Township Offices (248) 627-2851
Brandon Parks and Recreation (248) 627-4640
City of Clarkston (248) 625-1559
Clarkston Community Schools (248) 623-5400
Clarkston Community Education (248) 623-4550
Davisburg Elementary (248) 328-3500
Great Lake National Cemetery (248) 328-0386
Groveland Oaks County Park (248) 634-9811
Groveland Township Offices (248) 634-4152
Holly Area Schools (248) 328-3100
Holly Senior Center (248) 634-7571
Holly Township Offices (248) 634-9331
Holly Township Parks & Recreation (248) 634-1758
Holly Village Offices (248) 634-9571
Independence Oaks County Park (248) 625-0877
Independence Township Offices (248) 625-5111
Independence Township Parks & Recreation (248) 625-8223
Independence Township Senior Center (248) 625-8231
Indian Springs Nature Center (248) 625-7280
Indian Springs Metropark (800) 477-3192
Lewis E. Wint Nature Center (248) 625-6473
Lighthouse North Of Clarkston (248) 620-6116
"Meals On Wheels" Program (888) 886-8971
Neighbor For Neighbor (248) 634-0900
Oakland County 4-H Fair (248) 634-8830
Oakland County Parks & Recreation (248) 858-0906
Rose Township Offices (248) 634-7222
Seven Lakes State Park (248) 634-7271
Springfield Oaks Activity Center (248) 634-8830
Springfield Oaks Golf Course (248) 625-2540
Springfield Plains Elementary (248) 623-3800
White Lake Oaks Golf Course (248) 698-2700
White Lake Township Offices (248) 698-3300
More numbers are available on the Community Links page

Where do I file my Property Transfer Affidavit?

Where do I file the Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit?

What is the deadline to file for Principal Residence Exemption?

Where do I file a Request to Rescind the Principal Residence Exemption?

How do I appeal my assessment?

Can I find out what the assessments are for my home and my neighbors' homes?

How do I get an exemption based on financial need?

What are the qualifications to vote in Springfield Township?

How and where can I register to vote?

Will I ever have to re-register?

What if I move within Springfield Township?

What is my voting precinct?

How do I apply for an absentee ballot?

Can I submit an application by e-mail or allow someone else to sign my name?

Can I deliver my spouse's application and receive his/her ballot?

When can I apply for and receive an absentee ballot?

Who administers Springfield Township elections?

What are Election Inspectors?

Who can serve as an Election Inspector?

How do I file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?

What are the office hours for Springfield Township?

Can you give me directions to the Civic Center?

What school district serves Springfield Township?

How many acres do I need to keep a horse on my property?

How do I arrange for garbage pick-up?

How do I locate my well and septic tank and field?

Whom do I call for a water bill status?

What cable television company serves Springfield?

Whom do I call regarding road conditions?

How do I get a burn permit?

I have a basement filled with things I want to get rid of. Any suggestions?

Are facilities available for service group meetings and events?

What newspaper does Springfield use for its legal publication?

Where is the 4-H Fair held?

Is hunting allowed in any of the township parks?

Can I drop off a registration form after hours?

Will I receive my security deposit back the night of my facility rental?

Can I register over the phone?

Can I pay with a credit card?

Is horseback riding allowed in any of the Township parks?

Can you go fishing at any of the township parks?

What is a site plan?

Why are some developments considered "Special Land Uses"?

What is a PUD?

What is a variance?

What is a site condominium?

Why don't rules apply equally to everyone?

What is a Cluster Development?

When are property tax payments due?

What are my payment options?

What should I do if I don't receive a tax bill?

Can I charge my taxes on my credit card?

How are my taxes calculated?

Should my mortgage company receive the tax bill?

What is the difference between P.R.E. (Primary Residence Exemption) tax base and Non-P.R.E. tax base?

My tax bill states Non-P.R.E. tax base. Should it state P.R.E. tax base?

My taxes are too high. How can I reduce my taxes?

Can I defer my summer taxes until February 14?

Why didn't I receive a stamped tax receipt in the mail?