Springfield Township's planning process places strong emphasis on preserving open space and protecting its lands, waters and plant and wildlife habitats, while also welcoming compatible growth and development. This means that Springfield Township practices ecosystem planning, which simply means that the Township reviews a development proposal with an eye toward its fit and impact on the greater natural resource system, not just on what occurs within a development's boundary.

Applying this philosophy, Springfield Township, working with developers and a local land conservancy, has in recent years permanently protected more than 500 acres of high-quality natural resources as private preserves.

Shiawassee Basin Preserve wetland area

Springfield Township also has pursued grants and other funding sources to acquire especially critical habitat for the public's use and enjoyment. Much of the Township's 500-acre Shiawassee Basin Preserve was acquired in this manner.

Some of the natural resource protection policies and planning techniques used by Springfield Township are detailed in the following documents: