Springfield Township Wins Master Plan AwardJoan and Planners

Springfield Township and our Planner, Giffels Webster, were awarded the 2024 Vernon Deines Merit Award for an Outstanding Small Town Comprehensive Plan from the American Planning Association’s Small Town and Rural Planning division.  Springfield Township’s Comprehensive Plan stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to strategic development and inclusive community engagement. 

To develop this Master Plan, Giffels Webster guided the Springfield Township Planning Commission through a comprehensive review process in coordination with the Park Commission, Supervisor’s Office, and the Township Board.

Community input was also vital to the process. Public input was gathered through a variety of in-person and virtual activities. Residents, businesses, and organizations contributed valuable insights to shape the plan’s direction in a manner that reflects the priorities of the Township’s population and stakeholders. Engagement activities included a leadership advance workshop with Township Staff and officials, a community survey, an in-person open house event with virtual options for remote participation, and an interactive mapping activity.

The final plan was adopted by the Planning Commission and Township Board early in 2024 and is available here for review.

Master Plan Award